I’ve been a client of Laura’s for a couple years now. Initially I reached out to Laura because I just wanted a massage. After visiting with her and finding out her wide range of skills, we started working on some pain points that I was experiencing. She helped me with a pain I was feeling in my hip which has made my ski season so much better!
Having a massage therapist come to my house made me feel so comfortable. Laura is professional and delightful. You will find you are more relaxed and feel uplifted emotionally as well.
I would highly recommend Laura and any of her associates!

- Jessica S

Several months ago, I started doing CrossFit. After years of casual weight training and almost zero stretching (not smart!), the demands of CrossFit quickly brought to light major mobility issues – especially in my shoulders. Several lifts and exercises always left my shoulders throbbing and it seemed that no amount of stretching was effective at releasing the tightness and tension. Laura came and got right to work. I wasn’t in it for a relaxing massage – I wanted progress! Laura has been as knowledgeable as she’s been effective in treating my tight muscles. And the progress after only a few short months has been incredible!  My post-workout shoulder pain is significantly decreased and I’ve made noticeable gains in my flexibility. In short, I recommend Laura without reservation!

- Cory K

Laura is the best massage therapist that I have found. As a competitive cyclist and athlete, I’ve looked everywhere for help with not only muscle soreness but also relief from lower back and neck pain. By working with Laura consistently, I’ve experienced dramatic increases in mobility and decreases in overall soreness and pain. But I’ve also been impressed with her professionalism and dedication to her work. Laura is constantly studying best practice and is always searching for ways to address client questions and individual trouble areas. Overall, Laura is just an awesome person. She is generous and attentive; she is skilled and professional.

- Amber W

When I first went to Laura, my sciatic was getting so bad, it was interfering with daily tasks. I was preparing to run the the St. George Marathon. I had been running on and off for about 18 years and was no stranger to aches and pains but this wasn’t subsiding and I was getting nervous that I wouldn’t be able to stay on my training schedule because of the pain. She identified that it actually was my sciatic nerve (I didn’t know it at the time) and started giving me massages. What’s more, she taught me stretches that targeted my injury and alleviated my pain. I love, LOVE Laura because she was interested in my healing and not just doing her job. My pain hasn’t been an issue since. Rarely, when it does flare up, I practice the stretches she taught me and within a day it’s gone. Thank you so much Laura!

- Carrianne F

Rest, relax and get those muscles soothed in the comfort of your own home!  I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have this in-home service.  It’s perfect, no more “driving under the influence of the massage” when it’s over.  Laura is professional, timely and has taken good care of the sore, stiff muscles in my body.  She pays attention to what my  body needs checking in often to be sure I’m getting exactly what I need. After looking around Cache Valley for a good massage, I’ve found the convenience, quality of massage and the value I’ve been seeking.  I would highly recommend Laura to handle your next massage in the comfort of your own digs!

- Cameron M

I was sent to insta care because of the pain I was having in my chest.  I had been experiencing pain in my fore arms for weeks but this was the first time I had such a sharp pain in my chest.  After checking out my heart, the doctor told me that due to the huge amount of stress I was under my muscles were too tight.  If I didn’t do something differently soon it could cause even more serious problems. One of the suggestions he made was to get regular massages. A neighbor suggested Laura.  Having her come to my home was a wonderful option because my schedule is so tight I don’t have time to go to a spa and wait. She has been so flexible, fitting into my schedule. Not only is she great at her job, I no longer have any pain in my forearms, but she is also very knowledgeable about multiple modalities and generous in sharing her knowledge.  She has a delightful personality that helps you feel comfortable immediately. My stress hasn’t decreased but my pain is gone.  I feel better than I thought I would again! She is very gifted and a life saver.  I feel good enough to get more involved in life again! I highly recommend her.

- SuZan J

A few years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, in addition to chronic pain over most of my body I experienced awful low back pain that would make it hard to do many aspects of my life. I had experienced massages before and while they did help relax my body & muscles the pain always came back by the next day. After my first meeting with Laura I had relief that lasted for days and now after seeing her multiple times having a flare up of back pain is very uncommon.  In addition to an amazing massage she taught me stretches to do daily to help make what she does last, and they make such a difference. Don’t suffer in pain when Laura could help you feel better!

- Emily H

I started looking for a good massage therapist when my neck and back pain built up so much that it started disrupting my sleep. I wasn’t sure if massage would be able to help or not since I’d only had one before when I was younger and didn’t have a lot of pain built up.
Laura has been the perfect massage therapist because she really knows just how to work out the problem areas without any pain or discomfort but with all the relief from releasing pressure. She has a good sense of where to focus in so that I can loosen and relax my tight pain areas.
She has given me advice on stretches, yoga, and nutrition that have helped my underlying muscle problems so that I’m not relying on only massage to get better and have less pain. My only regret is that I didn’t get help sooner and let years of pain build up before feeling like I should get help.

- Lindsay R

I love getting massages from Laura, she is the absolute best out there. I have never found anyone else that can release my tight knotted muscles the way she can! She really knows how to get in there and apply the pressure needed, always checking with you to make sure it’s not to much. Laura has an amazing understanding of the body and how everything is connected. She has helped me relive pain in my back and hips enabling me to keep up with the active life style that I love. I would absolutely recommend Laura, there is no one else like her!!

- Allison H

I have seen Laura over the past couple of years.  She is extremely pleasant and is more than happy to answer any questions.  The therapeutic massage not only feels good but I know that it is more beneficial for my body. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone.

- Autumn W

My husband and I could not say enough good about Laura! Her therapeutic massage is what we always ask for because she combines regular massage with healing techniques…the best of both worlds plus the bonus is that she comes to your house!  I have had issues with a ‘Frozen Shoulder’ in the past, she was able to work on a few issues that crept up and help make it 100% functional again. She is wonderful at making you feel at ease, very professional, knowledgeable on health and the body. We LOVE having Laura come and for the renewed health and vigor we enjoy!

- Michelle and Dale B

I have been receiving Massages from Laura for the past 8 months. During this time she has helped with my posture, loosened work related tension in my forearms, and relieved shoulder tightness. Not only has she helped with these specific issues but these massages have also helped relieve my daily stress. I’m pleased with her knowledge and the work she has done for me.

- Kristy B

I am so grateful to have found massage. Not only has it helped me with the normal ups and downs of life, it was essential to my IT band injury recovery. Because of overuse, my knee (IT band) was so painful. I couldn’t even sleep at night without it aching let alone walk, climb stairs or drive. After weekly IT band massages and heat/cold packs, I am back to running and biking without pain!

Laura is an effective massage therapist. She is knowledgeable and strong enough to go deep into the muscles without fatigue. She is very professional and puts you at ease. The fact that she comes to your house is the icing on the cake!

- Christine J

Laura is the most amazing Massage Therapist! She listened to my concerns, worked diligently to release muscle tension, was sensitive to my comfort level, and very professional! I always feel better after than I did before she put her healing hands to work! Five stars!

- Tracy J.

My husband and I very highly recommend Laura! She has helped us both so much! Before Laura began her amazing work, we thought we were just going to have to learn to live with our aches and pains. We had been to several chiropractors and were only able to find temporary and partial relief.
I have been involved in 3 auto collisions and a couple of serious horse riding accidents so I think I qualify as difficult a case as there is. Laura has me feeling so much better that I am able to pursue a new career that I had previously given up on due to the chronic pain.
Laura is so knowledgeable and continues to study more and more. She is a wealth of information and has a genuine gift for healing.

- Paul and Christy F