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Massage can help you relax, release toxins, ease depression and anxiety, boost immunity and improve sleep. Let us aid you where you need help most.

Traditional Massage: Whether you want to relax or need specific deep tissue work, the traditional massage delivers what you’re looking for. A wide array of techniques and modalities can be used to achieve your desired results, including: • Swedish Massage • Trigger Point Therapy • Deep Tissue Massage • Sports Massage • Structural Massage • […]

We are committed to helping you feel better and find ways to improve the quality of your life. Use these stretches and yoga routines to help you maintain your progress and improve the effectiveness of your treatment.

Laura is the most amazing Massage Therapist! She listened to my concerns, worked diligently to release muscle tension, was sensitive to my comfort level, and very professional! I always feel better after than I did before she put her healing hands to work! Five stars! Tracy J. Lehi, UT


What our clients are saying.

  • I’ve been a client of Laura’s for a couple years now. Initially I reached out to Laura because I just wanted a massage. After visiting with her and finding out her wide range of skills, we started working on some pain points that I was experiencing. She helped me with a pain I was feeling in my hip which has made my ski season so much better!
    Having a massage therapist come to my house made me feel so comfortable. Laura is professional and delightful. You will find you are more relaxed and feel uplifted emotionally as well.
    I would highly recommend Laura and any of her associates!

    - Jessica S
  • Several months ago, I started doing CrossFit. After years of casual weight training and almost zero stretching (not smart!), the demands of CrossFit quickly brought to light major mobility issues – especially in my shoulders. Several lifts and exercises always left my shoulders throbbing and it seemed that no amount of stretching was effective at releasing the tightness and tension. Laura came and got right to work. I wasn’t in it for a relaxing massage – I wanted progress! Laura has been as knowledgeable as she’s been effective in treating my tight muscles. And the progress after only a few short months has been incredible!  My post-workout shoulder pain is significantly decreased and I’ve made noticeable gains in my flexibility. In short, I recommend Laura without reservation!

    - Cory K
  • Laura is the best massage therapist that I have found. As a competitive cyclist and athlete, I’ve looked everywhere for help with not only muscle soreness but also relief from lower back and neck pain. By working with Laura consistently, I’ve experienced dramatic increases in mobility and decreases in overall soreness and pain. But I’ve also been impressed with her professionalism and dedication to her work. Laura is constantly studying best practice and is always searching for ways to address client questions and individual trouble areas. Overall, Laura is just an awesome person. She is generous and attentive; she is skilled and professional.

    - Amber W
  • When I first went to Laura, my sciatic was getting so bad, it was interfering with daily tasks. I was preparing to run the the St. George Marathon. I had been running on and off for about 18 years and was no stranger to aches and pains but this wasn’t subsiding and I was getting nervous that I wouldn’t be able to stay on my training schedule because of the pain. She identified that it actually was my sciatic nerve (I didn’t know it at the time) and started giving me massages. What’s more, she taught me stretches that targeted my injury and alleviated my pain. I love, LOVE Laura because she was interested in my healing and not just doing her job. My pain hasn’t been an issue since. Rarely, when it does flare up, I practice the stretches she taught me and within a day it’s gone. Thank you so much Laura!

    - Carrianne F

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